Sunday, August 16, 2009

Trying to Fly Again - ZONE 1 KITCHEN

I have been so overwhelmed lately. My house always looks like a cyclone came through. This causes anxiety and stress. I've been off and on with flylady. I know it works but I just can't stay with baby steps. I'm a perfectionist and like to get things done quickly or don't do it at all. I also hate to clean and would much rather do something better with my time. I'm going to try again. I am a very busy person going here, going there so just adding one little thing a week is an accomplishment.

It's really funny how each time I get fed up with my house I turn to flylady for motivation to get me back on track. And guess what? This always happens about the same time each month go figure? I always start off in zone 2 which is the kitchen. I tend to never move onto any other zones because I get burned out from doing too much in that zone.

With that all said. I started last week with zone 2 KITCHEN. I managed to only do 2 missions but they were pretty good ones and I did shine my sink the correct way. When cleaning out under the sink I actually found the directions to do such that. If you click above you will be brought to the directions. Bleach Soak, Scrub, and Shine. The sink hasn't looked so white in a long time. I also picked up more bleach to do it again.

What I accomplished this past week:

Mission 1. Take everything off the counter tops and whip them down. It took me a little while to clean under the toaster oven and coffee pot but I did manage to get it done in like 15 minutes.

Mission 2. Clean under kitchen sink. I took everything out from under the sink. Did some purging and organizing and ta da it's all done. Three cabinets worth. I even took before and after photos to show you.


This is the first cabinet. I basically was throwing everything in there. Some things weren't even being used. It has a pull out draw that I wasn't even using. Basically the only time I was going in here was to get the dish detergent for the dishwasher and occasionally I would use the soft scrub to shine my sink. All the sponges were ones I had gotten free from shopping with coupons.

Cabinet 2. Lots and lots of stuff here. Never being used. Purging must be done.

Cabinet 3: Again lots of stuff not being used. Especially the cat dishes. It's been over a year now that my cats have passed so time to purge them.

Cabinet 1: I have put all my dishwasher and scrub sink supplies along with lysol that I spray in the garbage can and floor supplies here. I can now pull the draw out to reach the floor supplies easier.

Cabinet 2: Just more cleaning supplies.

Cabinet 3: All my extra sponges, more dish stuff. Just everything is now sorted and together with like stuff.

Well, I feel like I accomplished a lot in this week. Wonder what zone we will be doing next week. Stay tuned!


  1. glad to see your new blog!! i added the link to my blog and google reader. I'll be following and encouraging you along the way!

    The cabinets look great! like how you organized all the like stuff together. I need to do under my sink too. maybe I'll do that this week!

    Can't wait to read more posts from you!

  2. Way to go! It is looking good.

    I too am a perfectionist. If I can't do it perfectly I just don't really do it.