Monday, August 24, 2009

Accomplishment - Zone 3 Desk

Remember my picture from the other day? This was before. I had 2 big piles on top of my printer and another pile was starting to accumulate under my tissue box on the bottom of my desk.



It now looks like this. My husband was really excited because behind that tissue box is a light switch. He can now reach the light switch which he hasn't been able to do in months.

What was in that 2nd big pile that I removed. I had some books, the kids birth certificates that I never put back into the safe after registering them for kindergarten back in February. Along with lots of print outs from my printer. What did I print out? I had map quest directions to different places, phone numbers that I now have put into my control journal, knitting and crocheting projects I'd like to complete one day, MOMS Club information, and recipes. I tend to print out recipes every time I see one I'd like to try.

So while putting all that stuff away I took out my recipe binder and this is what I saw. It is the index to my book. Every time I add a new recipe into my tried and true recipe binder I jot down the recipe on this page. It has so much stuff on it that I was running out of room and adding arrows. I was finding it hard to find a recipe that I wanted to cook again.

So I typed it up in excel and now each category has it's own page. The reason I write the recipe down is because I file the recipe in a, b, c order so I know what letter to look the recipe up under.

This is the binder that I use and it has the abc tabs that I sort my recipes in. These are recipes after I have used them and like them.

On the back of each letter tab I write down the recipe in that section. So I am writing the recipe down 2 times. Once on the very first page (index) and then also on the a, b, c tab page.

The recipes that I print out and pull out from magazines are then filed into my recipe box. This box I have folders that have pockets in it. I sort it by category. When I'm in the mood to cook something new I just pull out that folder or I search the internet via ingredient and that usually brings up more recipes that I can try. I tend to make lots of new recipes as I get board from the same old stuff and nothing really is so great to make again and again.

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  1. Way to go! it looks great! love the idea of your recipe binder. i need to organize my recipes